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The centers of scientific research where is conducted the basic and applied research have been located so as to create maximum interaction. The role of the structures of the University of Padua as CRIBI is aimed to show to the public opinion what types of research are useful for the progress of the country, what new technologies can help improve the quality of life in general. These facilities have a duty to give to scientific research and technical applications entailed a supporting role to the health of the population and its resources, breaking down the prejudice that attributes to scientific research a cryptic role, outside the control of institutions and the interests of the population.

As part of an interdisciplinary location, the CRIBI provides scientific advice to the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology, such as Ricordati, the Tecnogen, Glaxo-Wellcome and the consortium Tisseu-Tech. The consulting activities mainly concern the analysis of DNA sequence and analysis of the sequence of proteins. For several years, the CRIBI has collaborated with the Telethon Foundation, funding for research to the study and treatment of genetic diseases, including muscular dystrophy.


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